Meet your modern day food journal.

In less than 90 seconds a day, you can keep track what you're eating and how you're feeling.

Our Philosophy

Nutrition has an enormous impact on our health. The first step to optimizing this part of our lives is having an awareness of what we're consuming, and how it's affecting us.

Most food trackers today miss the forest for the trees. They get lost in the details and become too tedious to use consistently.

Grub Tracks is different. Our goal is to let you track any information that helps you solve your personal nutrition puzzle. Maybe that's every ingredient in a dish. Or maybe that's just a picture or a ''.

Simple, Easy, Fast, Helpful

No getting lost in the details.

Snap a Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Maybe that's all the details you need to track.

Quick Notes

Make a quick note, with or without a pic. Voice dictation, abbreviations, emoticons-whatever's helpful!

Timing = Easy

Keeping track of when you eat is not only helpful, it's easy!

Learn Patterns

Start making sense of connections between when, what, how much you eat, and how you're feeling.


Review your grub tracks with anyone who's helping you, including family, friends or health care providers.


Your grub tracks are private. You choose if you want to share them with someone.

Take Charge of Your Health

Knowing where you're at and where you're heading will keep you on a path to success.

Feel better.
Worry less.
Enjoy life.

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